In the Realm of Dreams

The Secret

This series of works is a fusion of what I observe in the world around me, my dreams and the ideas that were formed within me during my travels in Azerbaijan. Some of the paintings are inspired by the Sheki Khan Palace. The various patterns and paintings on the walls and ceilings are not only simple decorations, but meaningful symbols and reminders of historical significance, which make me think and fantasize. I was inspired by Hussein Khan, who was the ruler of Sheki ; reportedly, he was a wise, honourable ruler and poet, who quite notably only had one beloved wife. I imagined her walking around the palace, and as she stepped into a room, the various illustrations sprang to life, greeting her and telling her stories of they lands. It is her secret – kept, guarded and cared for by her alone.

The Dragon

The paintings in my Sheki collection are various scenes depicting her exchanges with the murals, and how when another observer walks in the room, the illustrations fall promptly into place, or materialise as a quick disguise. One of such murals was that of a dragon regurgitating flowers- a symbol of the nobility of the Khan which I displayed in my work “The dragon”. Moreover, the girl holding the scarlet Kalaghai – a silk scarf decorated with traditional patterns, the production of which Sheki is renowned for, represents love and wisdom. Furthermore, in the work “secret”, the murals of pomegranate trees with bright fruits signify abundance and propagation. In my paintings, I wanted to emphasise the phantasmagorical light shining through the windows and doors, which are skilfully assembled from pieces of wood and coloured Venetian glass.

The Key

The keys which are held by the girl in the painting “The Key”, are the infamous keys to the Ganja gates to the Shusha fortress, and are stored in Baku. I painted this work during the liberation of Shusha from occupation. The storage of the aforementioned keys symbolise our historical right to this fortress. The girl is holding the key, looking from the Ganja gate of the Shusha fortress into the distance, awaiting victory.

This collection is being worked on.


 The paintings are inspired by the long lasting beauty of the orchids and the momentary blooming of the lilacs, the amaryllis and other flowers. The brushstrokes in the background flows like the time in-between the two paintings. The red painting was made in the last month of the winter, and the lilac was made in the spring with the same orchid which were still in bloom. Orchids are my favourite flowers, as they last long and give you all the love that is possible.

The painting is mainly symbolic; however, it was made spontaneously and subconsciously. The elements of the painting were born in the process of applying the brushstrokes. It is a reflection and fusion of the world around me and the ideas that were formed within me, which were a result of the inner state of my soul.

It is a portrayal of freedom and the lack thereof. The bird could escape the cage, since it can survive outside it, but the fish could not escape as it cannot survive without water. The two realms in which the bird and the fish exist are similar while also being drastically different, a difference which costs the fish its freedom and it’s liberty. It is trapped in a system in which it cannot thrive, and from which it can only be saved with the help of those who exist outside its realm. One can observe the other, however, they cannot exist within the same realm. This painting was formed with the goal of creating something rapid, spontaneous, like a flowing river on the mountain. It was made from the chaos of the strokes, as if the canvas was manipulating the flow of the strokes itself. 

This collection is being worked on.

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