About Leyla

In the beginning of the development of artwork Leyla was inspired by the beauty of nature, now art is a method of self-discovery, a unique way of showing her inner longing for change, growth, and a liberation of stamps in art, as well as in life, and of course the need for a straight up dialogue with the audience. Her paintings became more symbolical and philosophical.
She lived and worked in Baku, Moscow, London and was involved in many culture related projects, helped to decorate the Old Inner\City with her artwork. Simultaneously, she worked on projects, and had exhibitions with different embassies such as the British embassy, the Swedish embassy, the Netherlands’ embassy, the Turkish embassy… and etc . Leyla was also involved in projects and exhibitions with the United Nations and UNESCO. She takes part in social projects, and has taken part in many exhibitions , both locally and overseas. Her artworks have now been exhibited in Baku, London, Dubai, and France, Belgium, Luxemburg. Leyla now live in Scotland with her family. Leyla’s arts work are in private collection in Azerbaijan, UK, Portugal and overseas.

Artist Statement

I always express  the strong emotions that I feel in my art. In my youth I was always very passionate about art, and as my family travelled frequently, I was in awe of the scenery that I saw in those trips. I sow towering mountains, vast lakes glittering in the sun and the way the light shone through the leaves, and I started painting out of a longing for nature. Painting made me feel like I was there once again and it soon became an integral part of my life. Then my paintings stopped being a mere reflection of what I saw, and my dreams and memories started heavily influencing my art. Later on in my career, my paintings became more symbolic and philosophical.

 I choose my medium, techniques and theme based on what emotions I want my painting to convey. When I get inspired, I frequently know exactly what medium to use, as I develop my idea starting from the mood that I want to create. I usually develop my idea further before painting it, pondering it and researching it for weeks before I decide what exactly this painting is going to look like, to find the best possible way to convey the idea. After that, all that’s left is to put it on canvas.

For lighter, softer and calmer paintings, I choose watercolour or pastel. For more vibrant, emotional paintings I use oil or acrylic paint, though recently, I have preferred painting with oil paints. I combine painting with a semi – dry brush on a dry canvas with the use of clearly defined , bold strokes. This tendency appeared as a result of my experience with acrylic paints, where the paint dries quickly on the surface of the canvas. Oil paint is my main medium of choice; however I have many early works which were painted with watercolour, acrylics, or even drawn with pastels.

Most of my current work is studies the limits of acceptability in traditional society, which is intertwined with my inner need for harmony and beauty. Now her art is a method of self-discovery, a unique way of showing her inner longing for change and growth, and for her liberation from the standards expected from her by others, as well as in life, and of course, it addresses the need for an honest dialogue with the audience. I value harmony and uniqueness, and I hope that my paintings can bring joy and inspire others.

Upcoming exhibitions

Summer Exhibition 2021, UK

Featured exhibitions

I have already been included in numerous group exhibitions.

Here is a list of some of them:

“Kripteks”, Luna Sanat Gallery, Istambul, Turkey, 2021

“Insomniya”, Luna Sanat Gallery, Istambul, Turkey, 2021

“Coming Home”, Summer Exhibition, Aberdeen Artists Society, UK, 2020

“Other colour”, Garabah Gallery, Luxsemburge, 2019

“Once upon Azerbaijan”, Azerbaijani Embassy, Belgium, 2019

First Art Exhibition organised by The Azerbaijani Ministry of Culture, Crystal Hall, Baku, 2019

“Baku Breeze”, Dubai, 2019

“UN Art Ecological Project”, Baku, Azerbaijan, 2019

Exhibition in Center of Modern Art, Baku, 2019

“Sweden through the eyes of artists” Exhibition an Workshop, Swedish Embassy, The Residence of the Swedish ambassador, Baku, 2019

“A la Caspianne de l’Art Contemporarain”, Maison de l’Azerbaïdjan a Paris. Paris, France

“Woman’s Secret”, Art Tower Gallery, Baku, 2019

“The Woman and Flowers” Exhibition and Workshop, Art Tower Gallery, Baku, 2018.

“UNESCO, 25 year” Workshop and Ehxebition, Art Tower Gallery, Baku, 2018

“Great Britain through the artists eyes” Workshop and Exhibition, British Embasy in Azerbayjan, 2018

“A la Caspienne!”, Beaute du Matin Calme gallery, Paris, France, 2018

“Gabala Music Festival” Art project, Gabala , Azerbaijan, 2018

“Netherlands through the eyes of artists”, Workshop and Exhibition with the Netherlands Embassy, Baku, 2018

“StArt”, Art Tower Gallery, Baku,2018

“Japan and Azerbaijan”, Book House Exhibition Hall, Baku, 2018

“StArt”, Art Tower Gallery, Old City, Baku , 2018

“Switzerland through the eyes of Artists” Workshop and Exhibition, Art Tower Gallery, Baku, 2017

“Richmond Open View”, Orleans House Gallery, London, 2016

“Literature Art”, Riverside Gallery, London, 2015

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